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    What do you think about the locator badges on the @scion 10 Series FR-S? #Scion10 #10Series #LocatorBadge #Scion #glow #Frs #ScionFRS #gt86 #brz #86 #ae86 #emblem #cars #instacars #jdm #carporn #emblemporn (at www.automobileuploads.com)

    I think it’d be nice to change the color but nonetheless its cool


  3. Which would you prefer and why? Tell me in a message

    Subaru BRZ
    Nissan 370z
    Subaru WRX
    Ford Mustang(early 5th gen)
    Ford Power stroke f250/f350
    Jeep Wrangler JK Willy’s Wheeler
    Mazda 6
    Ford Fusion

    Yes I know this is a wide range of vehicles. Just looking for thoughts on them

  4. I’ve been known to do this

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  5. Whether you’re a Ford guy, Chevy guy, or a Dodge guy, we can all agree on one thing, everyone respects a Jeep.

    I’ve never heard anyone ever bash on true jeeps. Especially wranglers.

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    Jeep Wrangler Willys Wheeler Edition

    Saving my nickels and dimes. She will be mine

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    Probably would look better on a truck! LOL

    probably would look better on a jacket…

    A Jacket, pants, gloves, bow, rifle, shotgun ect. Just not this.

    Wtf? Really???? Gotta draw the line somewhere….

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    Getting muddy with those Duke boys!!! Yeehaw!!!

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    Ford Motor Co. unveiled the sixth generation of its Mustang on Wednesday night, nearly 50 years after the original debuted at the New York World’s Fair.

    My personal view is that its been ruined, pussified if you will. Looks like a Honda accord coupe with a ford Taurus front end and throw on some mustang emblems n brake lights.

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    Dirt Road Anthem

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    r.i.p my dear

    RIP to a great man

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